• image Entrée to gourmet heaven
    Entrée to gourmet heaven
  • image Style and atmosphere
    Style and atmosphere
  • image A feast for the palate and a panoramic view
    A feast for the palate and a panoramic view
  • image Perfectly arranged
    Perfectly arranged
  • image An eye for detail
    An eye for detail


In »LePavillon«, we turn food into a sensuous experience. Lucullus and Bacchus have good friends here. Colour, light, music and the panorama bring heaven closer. Star chef Martin Herrmann and sommelier Christophe Meyer: the pleasure they take in their work is reflected in the finest culinary delights with the best that kitchen and cellar have to offer.




Goose liver/
sanddorn/ figs/ brioche
Turbot/ 2x artichokes/ Nage au vin jaune
Breast of pigeon/ morel/ Barolo in gravy/ feves/ parmesan tortellini
Choises of cheese / affineur Waltmann
Rhubarb / mascarpone/ breton butter biscuit
Petits Fours



 Menu :  EUR 114,00

with corresponding wines: EUR 174,00




Menü Découverte

Tartar and roasted langoustines/
Avocado and lime vinaigrette
Loup de mer/ caramalized shallots/ Paella sud
Calf's broth/ shiitake mushrooms/ leek
Limousin lamb/ puree of paprika/
parmesan tortellini/ olive oil jus
Choises of cheese/ affineur Waltmann
Iced coconut/ citron granitee/
Caramelized and white chocolate
Ganache of coffee and chocolate/ Thai mango/ ice of salt and caramel
Petits Fours



Menu : EUR 153,00

with corresponding wines: EUR 233,00



Our gourmet restaurant “Le Pavillon“ is closed 13-29 March 2017 and 19 June-5 July 2017,
in addition to it also being closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.