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Spa treatments for children

Young skin also starts to radiate if it receives special care. A wellbeing massage provides new strength for facing everyday challenges.

    Chocolate massage 30 min.45.00 €


    The pampering massage for younger and older children with a sweet tooth relax them from head to toe. This is followed by a hot chocolate drink.

    Relax wellbeing massage 30 min.45.00 €


    A gentle full body aroma massage that is suitable for children.

    Singing bowls massage30 min.45.00 €


    In our special Asian singing bowls room with integrated colour light therapy, children can also have the bowls placed on their clothed body among other places. The gentle playing of the singing bowls creates a very pleasant sound and fine – clearly noticeable vibrations. The body and soul are hereby placed in deep relaxation so that they can forget time and place.