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Medical baths

We also offer medical baths in the Physio-Spa that are provided in special bath tubs. Traditional treatments such as the peat mud bath or the Stanger bath. You can also receive treatment in a mineral water-carbon dioxide bath from our own source. Our therapist will provide you with professional advice and offer you the right treatment if you suffer from pain, hypertension or inflammations for example.

    Medical baths 25 min.35.00 €


    There are different baths available such as horse chestnut, moor suds, hay flowers, lavender and thyme. Ask the therapist for advice.

    Stanger bath 25 min.35.00 €


    In a Stanger bath, the water conductivity is made use of in order to provide the body with a galvanic current.
    The effects of the warm water supplement those of the electric current. The current causes the blood vessels to widen and the stimulation and subsequent damping of the pain receptors have a pain-inhibiting effect. You can relax in one of our rest rooms after the treatment.

    Mineral water-carbon dioxide bath 25 min.35.00 €


    The body absorbs the gas through the skin during the bath. The blood pressure is lowered by the CO2 in addition to the metabolism being slowed down. The microcirculation of the skin is also stimulated. The treatment is recommended for hypertension, vascular disorders or unrest.


    Peat mud bath 45 min. 65.00 €


    The treatment improves the circulation, alleviates pain, relaxes tense muscles and alleviates inflammations.