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Massages from around the World

Experience pure luxury with our wonderful wellness massages. You can enjoy everything from the hammam treatment, an Ayurveda treatment a Vichy douche and much more. Let yourself
be pampered ad feel well when staying with us.

    Hot stone full body massage80 min.per person 120.00 €

    (also for couples)  

    Your body is massaged using warm basalt stones and a special oil.
    Your body, spirit and soul will get back into balance.

    Hot stone back massage 45 min.per person 65.00 €

    (also for couples)  

    Your body is massaged using warm basalt stones and a special oil.
    Your back, spirit and soul will get back into balance.

    Ayurveda-Abhyanga massage 60 min. or 90 min.95,00 € or 120.00 €


    The most well-known massage among the ayervedic massage provide you with harmony and relaxation. An indescribable feeling of wholeness and luxuriance comes over you when each centimetre of your skin has warm oil poured onto it before it is caringly massaged into it by soft hands.

    Gresham massage 30 min.45.00 €


    With this traditional Ayurveda treatment, the entire body is slowly and uniformly smoothened
    with silk gloves but without the use of oil. The massage removes dead skin cells and has a stimulating effect both on the metabolism and on the lymphatic and connective tissues.

    Lomi Lomi Nui full body massage60 min. or 90 min.95,00 € or 140.00 €


    With the Lomi Lomi Nui massage – nui means important, unique, great. This is a massage that provides a unique and wonderful feeling of well-being, both from the inside and from the outside. Lomi gives strength and energy whilst at the same time releasing physical and emotional blockades.

    Lomi Lomi Nui back massage45 min.75.00 €


    The shoulders and hips are especially massaged in order to mobilise congested energy.

    Hammam – soapsuds massage 60 min.per person 85.00 €

    (also for couples)  

    Body peeling with a special glove is a part of every hammam visit. This removes the outer skin layers and supplies the connective tissue with blood. After the skin has been cleaned, the body is massaged with curd soap. The warm steam loosens tension and opens the skin pores.
    The warm steam also releases tension and opens up the skin pores while the ablutions result in roughage and toxins being thoroughly eliminated.

    Hammam de Luxe – soapsuds massage 90 min.per person 120.00 €

    (also for couples) 

    The deluxe hammam includes an oil massage at the end.

    Vichy douche 30 min.45.00 €


    A slight to moderate rain shower is produces by numerous horizontally positioned showerheads while you lie on the lounger positioned beneath them, being massaged at the same time.
    This type of water massage originates from the French spa town of Víchy, hence the name.

    Chi Yang massage 75 min.95.00 €

    (Chinese pressure point and stroking massage) 

    The unique massaging technique for massaging the cleavage, face, neck, head, hands and feet transports you into another world.

    ST BARTH harmony60 min.89.00 €

    Full body massage  

    Select pure, slightly heated coconut oil for the intensive care of especially dry skin, cold-pressed avocado oil for especially fine skin in order to support the function or ivy gel and menthol oil for the strengthening of tissue and the skin. As a special finish, choose your favourite body lotion from pure bourbon vanilla, Caribbean tiarè blossoms or the especially fine lily.

    ST BARTH chill out 90 min.140.00 €

    Full body massage  

    Pure relaxation with self-heating Venus clams and quality avocado or coconut oil:
    The full-body massage gently relieves deep-seated tension, reduces stress,
    stimulates tissue metabolism and the calcium contained in the mussels promotes
    a taut, healthy complexion

    Singing bowls massage 30 min.45.00 €


    In our Asian singing bowls room with accompanying colour light therapy, the bowls are placed on your clothed body, among other places. The gentle playing of the singing bowls creates a very pleasant sound and fine – clearly noticeable vibrations. The body and soul are hereby placed in deep relaxation so that you can forget time and place.