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Our physiotherapists provide you with medical treatments in our Physio-Spa. No matter whether you want a massage or a thermal or cold treatment – our therapist will provide you with professional advice and treatment.

    Full body massage60 min.75.00 €


    Helps against hardened muscles and loosens the connective tissue.

    Back massage 30 min.40.00 €


    A massage with different focuses, e.g. shoulder-neck, back or the legs.

    Reflexology60 min.75.00 €


    Is an holistic therapy that takes effect on all of the organs of the body. It promotes health and general wellbeing. Each organ has a certain place, either on the sole of the foot, on the top of
    the foot or on the inner or outer side of the foot. Reflexology is a very popular massage technique, with which the treatment of the feet has an influence on the entire body.
    It has a holistic effect and serves to promote health and a feeling of general wellbeing.

    Lymph drainage 30 min. or 60 min.35.00 € or 65.00 €


    This is a relaxation treatment in order to stimulate the lymph flow and the immune defence.

    Shiatsu head massage 20 min.25.00 €


    Has a beneficial effect against migraine and headaches and in order of relax the shoulder
    and neck area.

    Peat pack 20 min.25.00 €


    The fresh peat is left in its natural state and is applied direct to your skin as a peat pack which then serves to provide a thermal or a cold therapy. Its valuable natural ingredients make it excellently suitable for the treatment of joint disorders, tension and back pains, sciatica syndromes, a slipped disc and rheumatism.
    This is an additional treatment before a massage.

    Mud pack 20 min.25.00 €


    A mud pack has a pain-alleviating and inflammatory inhibiting effect so that that it is often
    very effective when treating rheumatic diseases. It also has good effect when stimulating
    the metabolism or should you suffer from tension, painful muscle stiffness and degenerative
    diseases of the spine of joints.
    This is an additional treatment before a massage.

    Ice treatment 15 min.20.00 €


    Helps with acute pain, inflammations and haematomas.