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Hands and Feet

    Manicure 40 min.45.00 €


    Cutting and filing the nails, peeling and massage, without varnish.

    Pedicure 50 min.55.00 €


    Cutting and filing the nails, removing callous skin, peeling and massage, without varnish.

    ST BARTH Slimness 30 min.45.00 €

    Leg massage  

    for a rapid relief and relaxation when suffering from heavy legs after sitting or standing for longer periods, after a long flight or simply to gain attractively thin legs. The high quality ST BARTH ivy gel has a deblocking and diuretic effect, strengthens the veins and stimulates the lymphatic system. Menthol and campher support the microcirculation, refresh and invigorate.

    Cocon foot treatment 30 min.35.00 €

    (Soin Cocon Pieds)  

    Well cared-for feet: after a rich cream has been massaged in, the feet are embedded in wonderfully soft foam. A feeling of relaxation makes itself known – it is as if you were walking in the clouds. Effective care substances can penetrate deep into the skin and make your rough skin supple again. The feet are sustainably pampered and perfectly cared for.

    Cocon hand treatment 30 min.35.00 €

    (Soin Cocon Mains)  

    Well cared-for hands: active care substances are able to penetrate deep into the skin,
    making it supple again. The hands are lastingly pampered and perfectly cared for.

    Luxury spa pedicure 60 min. with varnish 65.00 €


    Your feet are provided with luxury treatment with an aromatic footbath and a peeling with aromatic components. The nails are cut, filed and cared for. Callous skin is removed and
    after a foot pack, you can enjoy an extensive foot massage.