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Facial treatments

    Classical facial treatment75 min.95.00 € 


    The optimal facial treatment, adjusted to meet the needs of your facial skin.
    Facial cleansing, peeling, vapozone dampening, skin exfoliation,
    eyebrow forming, ampoule, massage, mask and day care.

    Antistress facial treatment 50 min.75.00 €


    The small facial treatment: cleaning, peeling, eyebrow shaping, ampoule, mask and day care.

    Mille luxury treatment 90 min.125.00 €

    (La Méthode Mille)  

    SOIN MILLE LUMIÈRE is the Champaign among the treatments from Maria Galland.
    It provides the best possible radiation and displays a direct anti-ageing effect.
    Two masks, one soothing massage and the high quality products make a
    significant contribution to reducing wrinkles. Exclusive use is made of 1.000
    CRÈME MILLE and 1.010 SÉRUM MILLE, which ensure a maximum of relaxation
    in interaction with the other products and the competence of the beautician.
    The exclusive treatment is ideal for the skin from 40 that has the highest
    requirements. Experience 90 minutes of sensuous pleasure!

    Thalasso facial treatment75 min.95.00 €

    (Le soin Thalasso Visage)  

    In addition to the classical facial treatment, the pleasantly cooling power mask with seaweed provides you with an extra portion of moisture. Experience a unique feeling of reviving freshness and a maximum in care and wellbeing.
    Extracts of Breton brown algae cells free the skin from negative environmental influences and ensure an intensive hydration of the skin. Microalgae stimulate the blood flow and activate the metabolism. The perfect short holiday for your skin!

    Cocon facial treatment 75 min.95.00 €


    Ideal treatment for dry and stressed skin. The extraordinary gauze-foam mask infiltrates active ingredients deep into the skin. Has a smoothing and regenerating effect.

    Anti-Aging facial treatment 75 min.95.00 €

    (Soin Creme Rouge)  

    An innovative, cell-protecting facial treatment. Protects the skin cells from free radicals, stress and a premature ageing process. Reinforces the skin´s natural barrier and provides it with an optimal amount of moisture.

    Special treatment for the eyes 20 min.25.00 €

    (Soin Masque Modelant Yeux)  

    A cooling eye mask for radiating exes and an optimal anti-wrinkle treatment.

    ST BARTH pureness60 min.90.00 €

    Facial and cleavage treatment with hand massage  

    Enjoy the fresh aromas of natural elixirs during an extraordinarily smooth treatment of the face, neck, the cleavage and the hands. The high quality vegetable care products with natural vitamins and minerals have an intensively clearing effect and stimulate the skin´s own activity.
    The soothing treatment is rounded off with a caring hand massage.

    ST BARTH freshness 75 min.110.00 €

    Facial and cleavage treatment with hand massage  

    A facial and cleavage treatment with a hand massage and fresh papaya or cucumber mousse. The effect of the high quality vegetable care product with natural vitamins and minerals is intensively supported by freshly prepared fruit mousse. The result is a clearer, smoother and fresher looking skin.