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Body treatments

    Dollina thalasso therapy60 min.per person 95.00 €

    (also for couples)  

    Your entire is peeled off with sea salt in our Hammam.
    After a refreshing shower, an algae pack is applied to your entire body before it is left
    to work in the private hammam steam bath.
    You can then finally enjoy a back massage before relaxing in one of our rest rooms.
    This treatment can also be booked as a couple.

    Black forest honey special60 min.85.00 €


    Pure honey is spread onto your body, this then absorbing the hornification and flaking from the skin. A bath with milk and cream is now waiting for you: lie in it still coated in honey and take a bath in milk and honey, just like Cleopatra. This is followed by a honey crème pack being massaged into your body before being left to work on the soft pack lounger. The result is skin that is soft and tender and has received the ultimate in care.

    Sea salt whole-body peeling20 min.35.00 €


    Flakes of skin are removed from your body by using sea salt and valuable oils.

    ST BARTH Softness35 min.55.00 €

    Body peeling massage with coconut oil & papaya  

    Dead flakes of skin are removed by fresh papaya mousse and a special seas and complex, coconut oil cares for the skin and pampers you with valuable nutrients. For a soft and blemish-free skin.

    Anti-cellulite and tightening of the skin60 min.85.00 €

    (Soin Silhouette Sculptant)  

    This treatment is the ultimate anti-cellulite program from professionals and is an ideal course of treatment before the bathing season starts. The treatment differentiates between three different cellulite stages – slight, moderate and advanced – and systematically addresses the needs that greatly differ, depending on the stage.
    The effective use of peeling, a concentrated active ingredient, an algae mask with a highly concentrated serum and a strengthening intensive body cream ensure harmonious, cultivated and firm body contours. It is possible to retain the spectacular tightening effect for a long time with a follow-up treatment at home.