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Body packs

The soft pack waterbed harmonises your physical wellbeing in an inimitable way. Your body experiences ultimate relaxation in this especially relaxing position. You can completely let yourself go on the lounger and enjoy the weightlessness.

    ST BARTH Sensation60 min.75.00 €

    Noble body pack  

    You chooses your favourite aroma from bourbon vanilla, soft tiaré blossoms or exotic lilies.
    A creamy, silky pack is gently distributed over your body before being smoothens out.
    You relax with a wonderfully aromatic massage after the caring body pack as intensively
    provided your skin with nutrients and lipids from vegetable oils of the highest quality.
    The result is a visibly refined and soft velvety skin over your entire body.

    ST BARTH Elasticity 45 min.65.00 €

    Body pack with alumina and cucumber mousse  

    The ivy, menthol and camphor oil activate and detoxicate the body tissues while cold-pressed avocado oil supplies important nutrients. The result is a visibly refined and tightened skin texture.

    Body butter peach dream 30 min.45.00 €

    Body pack  

    The velvety soft peach aroma provides the skin and senses with a rest from everyday life.

    Body butter honey dream 30 min.45.00 €

    Body pack  

    The aroma of genuine Black Forest bees honey provides pleasant relaxation.
    It's nutrients are real power food for stressed and dry skin.

    Maria Galland thalasso-algae pack 30 min.45.00 €


    The algae pack acts with a greater intensity that a nourishing body lotion. Numerous nutrients and minerals are included in the algae with the ocean freshness in a highly concentrated form.