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    Hamam bath
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    Salt steam bath
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    Herb steam bath

Steam baths and Hammam

The healing and relaxing effect of steam was important even in ancient times and this was also successfully put to use in many bathhouses. This resulted in the culture of the steam baths rapidly expanding into the most diverse regions, it still being practised today.

We have the following steam baths at the Dollenberg:

Herb steam bath 50°C

The herb steam bath from Vaporsana is a blessing for body and soul. The circulation, blood flow and metabolism are positively affected. It makes you robust and alleviates rheumatic suffering, colds, digestive disorders and much more. You feel well in your skin, fit and health, as if you have been born again.

Salt steam bath 60°C

A salt steam bath is a traditional steam bath that has had sea salt or Himalaya salt added to it via the finest atomization. On the one hand, the salt has a cleaning effect in the atmosphere and on the other, it contains minerals that our body needs for diverse functions. The finely atomized salt mixes with the steam and is thereby able to access the mucous membranes and the respiratory tract. These are carefully cleaned and deposits are removed.

Hammam with Seraglio 60°C

Our Hammam is integrated with its own steam sauna in the wellness zone.
The Hammam not only has to do with cleaning the body. A visit to the hammam is a real celebration for body and soul. This is where everyday life is simply rinsed away with copious amounts of soapsuds and water in a pleasant heat and in subdues lighting conditions. Enter our bathing paradise and rediscover yourself.

Each of the hammam visits includes a body peeling that is carried out with a special glove. Hereby, the topmost layer of skin is removed and the connective tissue is supplied with blood. After the skin has been cleaned, the body is massaged with curd soap. The result is a much more attractive and pure skin, not forgetting the pure relaxation. The warm steam also releases tension and opens up the skin pores while the ablutions result in roughage and toxins being thoroughly eliminated. You can then relax in the restroom with a cup of tea.