• image St. Anna´s chapel
    St. Anna´s chapel
  • image Reflection & inner contemplation
    Reflection & inner contemplation
  • image High up on Dollenberg
    High up on Dollenberg
  • image St. Anna´s chapel in the winter
    St. Anna´s chapel in the winter

St. Anna´s Chapel

The »St. Anna auf dem Dollenberg« Chapel is perched high above the hotel.
This is where our guests find rest and inner contemplation; this is where the soul is able
to breathe.
Allow yourself some moments of rest and reflection.

St. Anna´s Chapel provides a pair with an idyllic romantic backdrop for the happiest day
in the life of a couple. The closeness to the hotel and our star chefs turn a wedding into
a relaxing overall special.
Plan with us.

We also regularly organise concerts and church services for the large annual celebrations
such as Christmas …